ThirdSpace is home to SAtheCollective Ltd and LittleCreatures. Inspired by the concept from Homi K. Bhabha, we believe our humble studio is a place in which all communication is possible, where creation of transformative cultural forms happen. It is a space of hybridity in and between cultural differences.

“The theoretical recognition of the split-space of enunciation may open the way to conceptualising an international culture, based not on the exoticism of multiculturalism or the diversity of cultures, but on the inscription and articulation of culture’s hybridity. It is the ‘in-between” space that carries the burden of the meaning of culture, and by exploring this Third Space, we may elude the politics of polarity and emerge as the others of our selves.” — Homi K. Bhabha

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ThirdSpace Sessions was inspired by improvisational guitarist Derek Bailey’s musical collective named ‘Company’. The idea behind ‘Company’ was to bring together an ever-changing collection of free improvising musicians, in order to create a challenging and artistically stimulating combinations of players who might not otherwise have had an opportunity to work together.

ThirdSpace Sessions are ticketed and held monthly at our intimate studio space. ThirdSpace Sessions will expand to include a web series from March 2020.


Studio and list of equipment available: