We aspire to be an interdisciplinary arts company that fosters cross-cultural understanding and collaboration, making heritage relevant to the times.


SAtheCollective is dedicated to celebrating and honoring the diverse cultural heritage of our global community. Through dynamic and inclusive arts initiatives, we seek to foster local and international connections, cultivating understanding and appreciation across a multitude of cultures. Our mission centers on embracing the shared human experience within our varied traditions and histories, bringing people together through the universal language of art.

Celebrating heritage, inspiring connections – through interdisciplinary and intercultural arts.

SAtheCollective Ltd is an innovative arts company based in Singapore, dedicated to celebrating and showcasing the richness of Chinese and Southeast Asian cultural heritage. Supported by the National Arts Council (Singapore), we are a major company grant holder, and a registered IPC (Institutions of a Public Character) organization. As an interdisciplinary, intercultural, and intergenerational organization, we create dynamic and relevant experiences that inspire and connect people, making heritage relevant to the times. Our local and international presence is a testament to our mission to empower people, inspire change, and enrich lives with a wide range of performances, exhibitions, and educational programs. Our passionate and talented team is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, paving the way for a more connected and understanding global community.


Andy Chia

Founder | Artistic Director of SAtheCollective

Dr Natalie Alexandra Tse

Director, Young Audience and engagement

Dr Timothy O'Dwyer

Board of Director

Wang Renyi

Board of Director

Goh Ching Lee

Board of Director

Megha Singh

Board of Director

Tan Siok Sun

Board of Director

Fabrizio Catalano

Board of Director


Andy Chia

Co-Founder | Artistic Director of SAtheCollective

Jeannette Chong

Admin Exective/Archivist

Ni Molin (Maureen)

Admin Assistant