ThirdSpace Sessions presents
TSS Highlights

Date: 26 June 2020, Friday
Time: 8.00pm
Watch the recording here

This month we take some time to reflect on ThirdSpace Sessions. The roots of ThirdSpace Sessions began with SA Studio Sessions in 2015 and became a regular concert series in February of 2019. This month, we will have a few excerpts from past shows, a discussion between two of the curators, Andy Chia and Dirk Stromberg, and a live online improvisation.

ThirdSpace Sessions will continue to explore ways of sharing improvised music, online, live and whatever New Norms we find ourselves in. Join us for music, discussion, and a hint of the future.


ThirdSpace Sessions will officially be a web series from now on, and we’ll strive to open it to live audiences when we can whilst keeping the web series ongoing.

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