ThirdSpace Sessions presents:
Curated by Dirk Johan Stromberg

Date: 22 May 2020, Friday
Time: 8.00pm
Livestream link here

Celebrating the physical immobility of society, this month, ThirdSpace Sessions brings together three local Singaporean Artists with Artists from North America, Europe and Asia.

Each set of duos find their own way of collaborating with what is available to them to create sets that explore sonic and visual possibilities in their respective spaces.

Jyun-Ao / Qush
Etienne / Dharma
PGR / Iamfruz


ThirdSpace Sessions will officially be a web series from now on, and we’ll strive to open it to live audiences when we can whilst keeping the web series ongoing.

Donate to the show Here/There: All proceeds go to the artists.

Donations will be split between staff, and the upkeep of the venue.

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FB/IG/YT: SAtheCollective
FB: ThirdSpacebySA

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