Your contribution, whether big or small, adds a new chapter to our story. With SAtheCollective Ltd, you’re supporting transformative art. Donations made to IPC-accredited organizations like ours can be eligible for a 250% tax deduction in Singapore.
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Our Funding Tiers

Founding Patron (SGD 150,000 and above)

Personalized art commission, private performances, VIP access to events, name on donor wall, special recognition in all programs and materials.


Cultural Visionary (SGD 75,000 – SGD 149,999)

Invitations to exclusive art previews, VIP receptions, acknowledgment in selected print and digital materials, named scholarship/grant.


Artistic Ambassador (SGD 30,000 – SGD 74,999)

Priority booking, invitations to special events, acknowledgment in annual reports, meet-and-greet with artists.


Creative Catalyst (SGD 10,000 – SGD 29,999)

Early access to tickets, special mentions during events, limited-edition artwork.


Community Patron (SGD 5,000 – SGD 9,999)

Acknowledgment on the website, discounts on merchandise, exclusive updates.


Arts Advocate (SGD 1,000 – SGD 4,999)

Acknowledgment in the annual report, newsletter subscription, donor appreciation event invitation.


Cultural Supporter (SGD 500 – SGD 999)

Acknowledgment on the donor list, subscription to exclusive content, discounted event tickets.


Arts Enthusiast (SGD 100 – SGD 499)

Acknowledgment in select program materials, regular updates, invitation to open rehearsals.


Community Contributor (SGD 50 – SGD 99)

Acknowledgment on the SAtheCollective website, subscription to the e-newsletter.