ThirdSpace Sessions presents
Myanmar Vibrations

Date: 18 September 2020, Friday
Time: 8.00pm
Livestream link here

This edition of ThirdSpace Sessions by SAtheCollective brings to you experimental artists from Myanmar.

For Myanmar’s experimental musicians, the city of Yangon is both a constant source of inspiration and a predictable wellspring of frustration.

The experimental scene comprises a group of artists who have been collaborating, performing, and releasing ambient and noise music from Myanmar’s capital city since 2017. Musically, they are deliriously creative, breaking apart traditional Burmese sounds and reflecting the dissonant noises of Yangon streetscapes through harsh noise and drone. Myanmar’s experimental underground exists at the margins of an already marginal indie and punk community, with whom they share most of their members.

“There are many restrictions to what we are trying to do. Live music is pushed to the semi-legal edges of the city’s cultural life because of onerous ‘permit’ restrictions and lack of venues and poor equipment” says Kyaw Zin Htet, one of the founders of the Noise in Yangon collective, a group of musicians who pool resources to organize shows around the city. The collective drifts between a few artistic worlds— from art galleries where they perform alongside video artists and academics, punk rock shows, and the music technology industry.

Noise in Yangon are telling of the scene’s diversity. Most members of this experimental collective also play in Burmese indie rock or metal bands, and channel their more left-field ideas into these noise or ambient side projects.


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