ThirdSpace Sessions presents

Mingalaba, An Evening with Kyoju Murakami

Date: 8 December 2022, Thursday

Time: 7.30pm

ThirdSpace Sessions presents the eclectic Kyoju Murakami. 

Murakami wears a multitude of hats and wields a myriad of interests and influences which constantly shapes his craft. He is a guitarist, composer and owner of his music label “CADISC”. Drawing musical influences from his home in Japan and his journey as a researcher of domestic music in Myanmar, Murakami fuses them in a mellifluous amalgamation of sound and rhythm. 

“I use acoustic guitar and play my own compositions. Polyrhythm, Japanese indigenous music, Brazilian jazz, French impressionist music, and Myanmar traditional music. These are the basis of my work.”


Kyoju Murakami


ThirdSpace Sessions will be held at ThirdSpace Singapore:
90, #05-02 Goodman Rd, Goodman Arts Centre, Block B, 439053

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