Windward Side of the Mountain

Date: 9 – 12 June 2022

Venue: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

SAtheCollective, Nine Years Theatre and T.H.E Dance Company join forces to co-create 《山的迎风面》, Windward Side of the Mountain, a site-specific production set in a modern-day Asian city that follows a group of sojourners in their tracks. Through the ups and downs and the multi-dimensional mysteries of their uncharted journey, they carve out a way of living and eventually find themselves on the other side of a legendary mountain — only to discover that this is the side where the wind bellows.

Incorporating contemporary music, theatre and dance, this artistic collaboration between three local arts groups of different disciplines celebrates the warmth, strength, and will of humanity. The live production will be staged from 10 to 12 June 2022. (A video-on-demand version of the work will be available from July to September 2022?)


《山的迎风面》Windward Side Of The Mountain

「仨」、「九年剧场」以及「人·舞团」联手共创特定环境演出 — 《山的迎风面》Windward Side Of The Mountain。一群当代亚洲城市的旅者们毅然暴走,经历多重时空的起伏跌宕,仍坚持往无形之地前进,渴望走出一条生活之道。当他们到达了神山的另一面,看见迎向他们的竟是一股盘旋呼啸的风。


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credit: Penoramic Publishing