ThirdSpace Sessions presents
Pentatronic – “When tradition meets contemporary”

Penta: five; having five
-tronic: a suffix referring to a device, tool, or instrument; more generally, used in the names of any kind of chamber or apparatus used in experiments

What happens when five experimental musicians from different backgrounds ranging from the western flute, saxophone, viola, double bass, phallaphone are put together in a room?

Come find out on our next ThirdSpace Sessions.

Carolin Ralser (Western Flute)
Andreas Marinello (Saxophone)
Brian O’Reilly (Double Bass w/ Electronics)
Christoven Tan (Viola w/ Electronics)
Dirk Stromberg (Phallaphone)
Sound Engineer: Charles O’Rourke


ThirdSpace Sessions will officially be a web series from now on, and we’ll strive to open it to live audiences when we can whilst keeping the web series ongoing.

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Date: 17 April 2020, Friday
Time: 8.00pm

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