Anticipation of One
SA x NADA x Brandon Tay (Singapore)

Singapore International Arts Festival 2018
A collective audiovisual performance by six inventive local artists, exploring the convergence of multiple selves.

Selves don’t exist firmly in the present; they are “just coming into life in the flow of time” by virtue of their dependence on future loci of interpretance — future semiotic selves — that will come to interpret them. All semiosis, then, creates future. — Eduardo Kohn, How Forests Think: An Anthropology Beyond the Human

Six artists, each a point of convergence between multiple pasts, presents, and futures, meld into their multiple selves, entangled in a web of collaboration and co-existence. SA x NADA x Brandon Tay is the inventive collective result, an ensemble audiovisual performance that explores the amalgamation of these individual selves from three distinct bodies of art.

SA, a triplet band trained in traditional Chinese music, explores identity through the creation of original soundscapes with an inventive approach to Chinese musical instruments; visual arts and sound duo NADA, conjure up sights and sounds of bygone eras through a contemporary approach to Southeast Asian music. An audiovisual performer whose multifaceted approach spans multiple mediums, Brandon Tay plays both co-composer and conductor, using media as both the stimulus and accompaniment to SA and NADA’s music.

The audience is invited to travel unencumbered by time as both voyeur and voyager, indexing sounds and images as they come to life in the flow of time.

4 & 5 May 2018
Fri, 9pm Sat, 10pm
Play Den, Festival House
(1h 10m, no intermission)

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