Presented by Singapore Writers Festival
In Collaboration with Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

Jennifer Anne Champion & Enec.e
Hassan Hasaa’ree Ali and Dr Tan Chee Lay with SA (仨)

Two collaborative works between writers and musicians explore remembrance and longing of a once treasured time since passed.

The Room of Our Forgetting, the work of writer Jennifer Anne Champion and ethereal dream-pop band Enec.e, voices the sting of acute memories into a series of narratives on reflections, transient beings and distant longing.

Music collective SA(仨), together with poets Hassan Hasaa’ree Ali and Dr Tan Chee Lay, form an experimental piece titled Warkah Kepada Diriku 与己诀别书 (Farewell To Myself), navigating the murky waters of separation and one’s notions of normalcy.

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