SAtheCollective presents ETHNI-CITY II – Converging Cultures on 10 October 2015, 8pm at the Aliwal Arts Centre Blackbox.

As the 2nd run of the series in Singapore’s Golden Jubilee year, the series aims to celebrate ethnic and cultural differences of Singaporeans by acknowledging the great diversity of language, food, art and culture that our Ethnicities have brought about, while at the same time converging because we grew up living and experiencing the same environment.

ETHNICITY II aims to do this through a group of young and innovative ethnic musicians, who will come together in a Musical Art Performance, showcasing their music which has deep roots in their individual ethnicities, while at the same time embracing and assimilating the various cultural influences from one another, as well as the West.

These group of musicians include Ethnic Chinese trio SA(仨), Ethnic Malay trio Orkestar Trio, Ethnic Indian trio Tamarind Sound Project, as well as Percussionist Nizar Fauzi and Ramu Thiruyanam.

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