Breaking New Ground With Chinese Instruments

04 JUL 2017

Breaking New Ground With Chinese Instruments

The Straits Times Lifestyle published an article on SA (仨), made up of Andy Chia, who plays the dizi (Chinese flute), Natalie Tse, on the guzheng (Chinese zither), and Cheryl Ong on percussions.

In the article, SA talked about breaking new ground with traditional Chinese instruments using modern techniques such as live looping. SA also favours sonic improvisations, where members respond in real time to one another on stage.
SA shared upcoming plans where they will be performing with an audio and visual duo, Nada, for Esplanade’s Baybeats festival on July 16 2017. A performance where old-school Malay and South-east Asian sounds will interact with SA’s improvisations of Chinese instruments.

Link to article by The Straits Times here

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